Breaking Down The Basics of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

You know what Chapter 7 bankruptcy can do for you but it is important to understand the basics of this federal program. Read on to learn more about what this chapter entails. When most people think of bankruptcy what they’re really thinking about is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is the kind of bankruptcy where your assets are liquidated in order to pay off your debtors. You may have visions of your head regarding what this entails and how it truly affects people, like losing their house, losing their credit, and starting from zero again. These are all true about filing under this chapter but by breaking down the terminology, you can get a clear sense of what you’re in for if you decide to file for bankruptcy under this chapter.

Assets are things that you have that are worth the money, including money itself. What you have in the bank and in investments are assets. They are also things that you own, like your car and your house. injury attorney When talking in terms of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, what an attorney assess and what the federal courts will look at Liquidation means turning the physical property and financial investments into the most liquid form of asset, which is cash money.

Liquid means that it is the most immediate form of payment. Think of the difference between checks and actual money. A check is a promise that you have the money and one could then cash your check for actual money. If you give a vendor or person actual money, it is considered more liquid. A house, even though it may be worth a lot of money, is a very non-liquid asset. It cannot be converted to cash very fast.

The process of liquidating your assets helps to pay off your creditors immediately. This means that everything you owe, be it credit card debt, loan payments, or mortgages are instantly paid off so that you are no longer responsible. This can be a very emotional thing to go through because all of your valuables and long term investments are literally eliminated in order to pay off your debts.

It is also important to know that when you file for bankruptcy, your record is not completely clear. Your credit rating will be affected for a number of years. You will be able to earn back a good credit rating, however. Through small to moderate loans, well balanced and paid credit cards, and regularly paid bills, you can prove once again that you can be a financially stable consumer of goods and services.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, like all other chapters to file under, requires legal representation from a lawyer, preferably one that specializes in this legal field. When you file for bankruptcy you do so with the federal courts. If you think this is the only possible way out of your debt, then it is available for you to petition for. If you qualify, it could help save you hears of worry and anxiety.



Home Hurricane Protection–The Homeowners To Do List

Hurricanes cause millions of dollars of damage to homes and businesses every year.  If you live in a hurricane-prone area, how do you protect yourself? This to do list for homeowners covers five important steps you should take before the storm hits.   The following homeowner’s to do list covers five steps to take before a storm hits to make sure your home is protected.


1. Secure your windowsThe vast majority of all hurricane damage is caused by high wind speeds.  High winds pick up debris and send it flying at incredible speeds. All it takes is one good sized tree branch to hit your window in just the right spot, and now your home has been breached.  Shattered glass from window breaks also poses a real danger, particularly if you are inside the home during the storm.Hurricane shutters are one of the best investments you can make to protect your windows.  Look for shutters that have received Dade County Product Approval, which is the highest standard in the industry for hurricane protection products. For a less expensive option, consider making your own shutters with 5/8″ thick plywood.

2. Secure the garage doorThis is particularly important if you have a home with an attached garage.  The garage door is a weak point in most homes, and it can be easily blown in by hurricane speed winds.  When the garage door is blown in and the wind pressure fills your home, it only takes a short time for the windows and doors to blow in, too.  In the worst case, the roof follows suit.Some garage doors are advertised as hurricane-resistant, but they can be costly. Securing your garage door doesn’t have to be an expensive proposal!  Consider boarding your garage door over with plywood, or using 2×4’s to brace it from the inside.

3. Install hurricane strapsGalvanized metal hurricane straps are used to secure the roof trusses to wall studs.  If you’re building a new home, be sure the builder uses hurricane straps, as this is one of the best (and most cost effective) ways to make sure the roof doesn’t blow off your home during a hurricane.  Note: It is possible to install hurricane straps on an existing home, but you may need to hire a contractor to do the job.

4. Eliminate possible projectilesWhen you know a storm is coming, walk all around your home and yard, and consider objects that could potentially be picked up by the wind and turned into flying projectiles.  

5. Trim your treesKeeping your trees in good shape is an important step in making sure that limbs won’t come down on your house during a hurricane.  First, trim any large branches that hang over your house. These trees are a hazard and should be taken out by you, so that they’re not taken out by a storm.

With a little time and forethought, you can minimize, and hopefully prevent, the majority of hurricane damage to your home.

6 Times You Need a Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer can help to resolve many charges you face. The following are six examples of when you need to turn to a professional to handle your case. Hiring a criminal lawyer makes sense in nearly all situations. Those who do not work with these professionals may find themselves overwhelmed by the process of defending themselves. Charges can be significant and can lead to costly mistakes down the road. They can also reduce your ability to live your life the way you want to. Even insignificant charges can lead to lasting problems on your record. To avoid this, defend against it by using an attorney you can trust. 

Why You Need One

There are many times when individuals hope that a court-appointed attorney is going to be enough. Other times, people try to defend themselves because they have watched numerous programs on television promoting it. That is not enough. If you do not defend yourself properly, you could end up facing heavy fines, jail time, community service, and even the loss of privileges you have.

When to Call on One

There is never a time when you should avoid contacting these professionals. However, in the following examples, you can see why it is critical to contact a professional right away to fight the charges you are dealing with in a court of law.

– Those charged with burglary may face time in jail and fines. Some also have to pay for damage and loss of property for the individual. Even small-scale burglaries can have lasting effects on getting a job.

– Domestic violence can be as simple as getting into a fight with your sibling. However, these types of charges will remain on your record long-term and may lead to problems with others trusting you for years to come. 

– Drug possession or trafficking is one of the worst crimes to face. Hiring a criminal lawyer such as Musca Law right now can help to reduce the risk you will be found guilty. A guilty charge could lead to employers not trusting you.

– Those with outstanding warrants will want to work with an attorney to fight the charges as well as the fines and jail time that often occur as a result. Do not assume these will go away.

– Homicide and other violent crimes often require the use of a defense attorney. Without a criminal lawyer, your chances of proving your case are slim. Due to the high profile of many of these crimes, it is critical to have a professional by your side.

– Weapons charges can be severe as well. Sometimes, they can lead to problems with employers and others trusting you.

The best way to defend yourself is to hire someone else to do it for you. A criminal lawyer can help to prove your innocence and help you to avoid many of the problems you are facing. This may include getting a plea agreement, paying less in fines and avoiding jail time for some.

Florida Criminal Lawyer for Misdemeanors

Even though misdemeanors are lesser crimes than felonies, it is still important to employ a Florida criminal lawyer to help you navigate through the case and help lessen the severity of your punishment.

Florida criminal lawyer isn’t only necessary in a felony case. More frequently misdemeanors are cases that many attorneys who focus on criminal clients handle on a regular basis. Although misdemeanors rarely carry prison sentences, it is important that you get professional legal support for your case to avoid unnecessarily severe punishments for your crimes.

A misdemeanor is defined as a criminal act that falls between the severity of a felony and regulatory offense. Often criminals of these cases are charged with fines, probation, or community service for a period of up to a year. They are extremely common and you may one day find yourself accused of a misdemeanor. It is important to know what qualifies as a misdemeanor and why it is important to be properly represented by a criminal lawyer.

Petty Theft is defined as theft under a certain total. In most States, this is usually under $500. If you’ve been caught stealing money at work, shoplifting, or stealing something of value under $500, you will be charged with a misdemeanor. It is important that a criminal lawyer represent your case to lessen the terms of this misdemeanor on your record because it will often affect your ability to obtain employment.

Public Intoxication is considered a misdemeanor in some states. Generally, this charge is coupled with other charges, such as a public disturbance. If you are found drunk or under the influence of drugs you could end up paying heavy fines or doing long community service hours. Even though penalties vary greatly, often on very old laws, a criminal attorney from your state will be able to expertly handle your case.

Simple Assault is a common misdemeanor, more common than you would think. It could be issued to someone who gives police officers a hard time while being questioned, or an altercation between another that may have resulted in minor injury. It is defined legally as assault without intent to injure. If you assaulted another in the heat of the moment, attempted to assault another, or invaded the personal space of another causing them distress for their safety, a criminal lawyer will be necessary to navigate the court case and help support your side of the story.

Trespassing is defined as unlawfully entering a private property. Some trespassing is discouraged with signs, but it is otherwise an assumed law such as trespassing on a private residence. Again, trespassing law vary from state to state, so you will need Florida criminal attorney familiar with these cases to properly represent you in court, especially if you are caught up in an argument where the fact of trespassing is debatable.

Although it may be a thrill, Indecent Exposure is also considered a misdemeanor in many states across the country. It is defined as intentional exposure to a person with intent to cause reasonable alarm. In cases with younger children, it can be considered a felony. Make sure you have an experienced lawyer on your side for these cases as well.

Hiring Florida Criminal Attorney is the Right Choice

Being arrested can be one of the most traumatic things a person faces in their lifetime. Defendants without a good criminal attorney like Florida’s are not fair well.

Being arrested can be one of the most traumatic things a person is faced with in their lifetime. If you’re facing down charges from the district attorney, you’re right to be concerned. Prosecutors in most districts don’t bring cases to trial unless they are fairly certain they can get a conviction. Defendants without a good criminal attorney do not fair well in the justice system, regardless of whether or not they are actually guilty of the crimes they are accused of. If you want to stand a chance of successfully defending yourself or even protecting your rights, you will need a good lawyer.

Here are some reasons why hiring a Florida Criminal Attorney is the right choice;


There is no substitute for experience when you hire a criminal attorney. If you have a choice between hiring a 20 year veteran who graduated from the local law school and a 1st year chickadee who graduated from Harvard, choose the veteran. Lessons can be learned in the real world that can never be replicated in a classroom. A jury is not going to know about or be impressed with a degree from a fancy college. That’s not to say a degree from a good school should be sneered at, just that it doesn’t hold a candle to experience. Make sure the lawyer you hire has it.

Open Doors

You’re getting ready to move into one of the most complicated, frightening periods of your life. You need a criminal attorney who will be there for you when you need to talk. That doesn’t mean you’ll be able to monopolize his or her time with every question that pops in your mind, but you should be able to get in touch with your lawyer with a minimal amount of hassle. If you wanted a lawyer who would only give you and your case slight attention, you could save a lot of money and just go with the public defender.


Expensive ads on television and eye-catching billboards on the highway tell you exactly nothing about a lawyer’s reputation. And when it comes to deciding whom to hire, reputation is a factor second to none. Do your researches in this area before you hire a criminal lawyer. Does he have a reputation for being a tenacious combatant in the courtroom? Is he feared by prosecutors? Or is he a joke in the profession, only serving to allow his clients to empty their bank accounts before getting the sentence they were likely to face anyway? Talk to anyone you can to get the straight scoop before you decide who to go with.

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Florida Criminal Lawyer Specializing in Defense

This article is about the Florida criminal lawyer and his defense of his client. It explains what the attorney will do and his responsibilities.

The criminal lawyer is a legal representative that helps people and companies that have been charged with a crime. In many cases, the client calls an attorney to help him if he is faced with criminal charges, is arrested in connection to a crime or faces an investigation related to a crime.


The defendant is entitled to being presumed as innocent until proven guilty. This means that the attorney who will be defending him will employ different legal techniques to makes sure that his client has as many options as possible when it comes to clearing his name and not being accused of a crime. When the client is arrested, it does not necessarily mean that he or she is found guilty of the crime. It just means that there is a suspicion that the client may be related to it. An investigation is usually launched when there is no person who is charged with the crime as yet. It is also possible for the criminal lawyer in charge of the defense to initiate their own investigation in order to suppress any charges from being filed against his client. During this investigation, the attorney should be able to gather enough evidence and witnesses that can help the client. In the United States of America, the defendant should be proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt in order for him to be imprisoned for the crime. Usually a judge decides for the court but if a felony is committed, it requires a jury of several members to decide the fate of the defendant.

Included in the many responsibilities of the criminal lawyer, is the pursuit of determining whether any laws were broken when his client was arrested, charged with the crime or during the gathering of evidence for the crime. This means reviewing the evidence and the reports for any constitutional violations that may have occurred. The defendant has rights that need to be protected and upheld during the entire process. If there may be any constitutional violations, it is possible that the case can be negotiated outside of court or even before it is presented in court. A plea bargain may be an option for the client is he or she allows the attorney to present it to the judge or the prosecution.

Other responsibilities of the Florida criminal lawyer such as Musca Law in charge of defending his client are to make motions for the case to be dismissed if there are any anomalies or violations and to look for any chances of the case being declared a mistrial if there are any possibilities. The goal is to prevent a conviction or to go for the least sentence that can be given in equivalent to the crime that the client is accused of. The attorney will make drafts and finalize the necessary paperwork needed by the court as well as represent his client in any hearings or invitations to questioning that may come from the investigators of the case. He will also counsel his clients regarding the best option for his best interests.