Find out what a DWAI is, and the common penalties. Then determine if you should hire a criminal lawyer to avoid the consequences.

If you have been charged with driving while ability impaired, you face various charges. You should note that this charge is a bit different from a DWI, but it still carries some penalties you probably do not want. You should consider the common penalties of this charge, and then decide if you need to get a criminal lawyer.

This is often the accusation you will face when your blood alcohol content is not high enough for a DUI, but it is still obvious that you have been impaired by alcohol. In general, this charge is not considered as serious as a DWI, so the penalties are less severe. For example, you will probably only face days in jail, with the maximum often being anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the state. Conversely, driving while intoxicated carries a maximum term of one year in most states. Hiring Florida criminal lawyer can usually ensure that you only get the minimum jail term.

You can expect your license to be suspended when you get a DWAI, but it will not be for as long as when your blood alcohol level is higher. For example, it may be suspended for up to a few months, rather than the six months or more that a DWI usually carries. Fortunately, you can get a criminal lawyer to help fight these penalties so that you lose your license for the minimum period of time, if you lose it at all.

Not surpassingly, there are fines associated with this charge. They usually add up to a few hundred dollars, whereas the fines that come with the typical DWI can add up to thousands of dollars. Of course, if you have a Florida criminal lawyer, you can get the charges eliminated so you have no fines, or at least the minimum amount.

Other common consequences you face include community service and possibly time spent at a substance abuse class. Your attorney may be able to get you out of these penalties, or perhaps at least get you only the minimal punishment possible in your state. This is why it is usually worth it to hire a Florida criminal lawyer legal expert for your case.

You should talk to Florida criminal lawyer to find out the laws in your state. This way, you can find out more about the consequences you face so you can decide if it is worth it to hire a legal expert. In most cases, even though the punishment that comes with a DWAI is not as serious as the consequences that come with a DWI, it is still worth it to get legal help.